Sunday, February 7, 2010

February 7, 2010 -- Super Bowl XLIV is HERE!

Today marks the official end of football games for the year with the Super Bowl. Does that mean that talk about football ends? Not on your life especially here in the Heartland of America where Friday night football is legend, Saturday game day is spent at your favorite university, and Sunday you are sitting in that favorite easy chair cheering for your NFL team. That leaves the rest of the year to discuss the year before and look ahead.

Last Wednesday marked the start of a new year for college teams across America as it was National Signing Day. All the message boards were buzzing about who was going to land which recruit. When you hear these young men interviewed on the radio, you realize they are the future of America not just in sports but in all walks of life -- we are in good hands. Recruit after recruit discussed not only football but academics as a factor for choosing their university. That same scene was repeated on college campus' all across America. These young players will learn from their older teammates there is more to college than an education and playing football. There is also the part of giving back to the community by volunteering in the schools and in the community to leave it a better place when they graduate.

Today, we have seen what these former college players who are now members of the Saints have done for their city of New Orleans which was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. They have spent countless hours helping rebuild a city with their labor, their money, and their prayers. The Saints are what is good about football. The team after all those years of losing rose up to do something more then win a football game as they put a city on their back to give them hope after a disaster. That hope turned into reality and today New Orleans is celebrating their beloved Saints in the Super Bowl!

When trying to pick the team we wanted to win, it was hard since neither team was our favorite but it came down to something very basic -- who had Oklahoma Sooners playing for them? That turned out to be Saints 3 - Colts 0!

Oklahoma Sooners have three players on The Saints --

Jammal Brown, the offensive lineman who was injured early in the season, was drafted as a #1 pick of the Saints five years ago, and last spring came back to OU to get his degree.

Remi Ayodele, DT, who was signed and cut by several teams before landing with the Saints for a second time and starting today. He never gave up.

Garrett Hartley, Kicker, who kicked the winning Field Goal against the Vikings and our family's sentimental favorite.

Since there are no Sooners on the Colts team, we will have to go with the Saints -- our prediction:

24-21 Saints

Have a terrific Super Bowl Sunday -- we will be back to politics on Monday. Today is about the Super Bowl and football!

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