Saturday, February 20, 2010

CPAC: Issac Hayes, GOP candidate in IL-02 (Jackson seat)

If a Republican can pick up this seat, it would put the icing on the cake in 2010. Having a young conservative candidate to run against Jesse Jackson, Jr. is an accomplishment in itself.

If you are looking for a candidate to get behind, take a look at Issac Hayes from Chicago. The people of Chicago deserve to be represented by someone honest not a member of the Daley Machine.

CPAC: Issac Hayes, GOP candidate in IL-02
February 19, 2010 by Ed Morrissey

Earlier this morning, I heard for the first time that the GOP has a solid contender for IL-02, the seat currently held by Jesse Jackson, Jr. Isaac Hayes talked with me this morning about his bid against a Democratic Machine stalwart, why his district has started putting out Amber Alerts for their Representative, and how he would respond to the Barack Obama/Nancy Pelosi agenda. This soft-spoken candidate has some real steel in him:

Source: Hot Air

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