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SCOTUS Leaves Intact Oklahoma Supreme Court Ruling on Ultrasound Abortion Law is Unconstitutional

The rebuff marks the second time this month that the high court has declined to reinstate Oklahoma abortion regulations.  

This should come as no surprise but to have this new ruling be the second time in a ten days SCOTUS has rejected an Oklahoma abortion bill may be a record.  First one that was rejected would have ended abortion in Oklahoma because of outlawing any drugs that could be used in abortion including to save the life of the mother.  If the baby died in the womb, the Mother had to carry the baby to term under that Neanderthal law.

First of all this is not a subject that I like to write about since I am opposed to all these new laws that affect a woman's right to choose which automatically gets me labeled as pro-choice when, in fact, I don't think it is any of my business to tell a woman what to do when it comes to an abortion.  It is a personal decision, and I don't walk in her shoes or know her circumstances.  What I do know is the pro-life community is one of the nastiest group of people I have ever met.  The very fact that they demand that we all think alike and they make NO exception for the life of the mother, incest, or rape is all I need to know.  What galls me the most is that many of the people so opposed to abortion for any reason are white males.

Once again the SCOTUS has rejected or outright thrown out an abortion law passed by our hard right legislature who cannot seem to get an education bill passed on time with full funding.  Let a social issue bill come up for a vote and it breezes through the legislature and the Governor signs even when they know chances of being implemented are slim to none.   Big waste of taxpayer dollars.  No one should be in office that allows their personal beliefs to replace the Laws of the Land.  It is not their job to impose their beliefs on everyone else but to conduct their job in an ethical manner according to the law even if they don't agree with the law.  Attorney Generals in red states are way overstepping today and costing the taxpayers millions with their lawsuits.  They need to do their job in an unbiased manner which is what they are elected to do no matter the party.

What is with ALEC Legislatures that pass bills, they get signed into law, and are unconstitutional? What may have started out as a good idea with ALEC has turned into a monster since the Koch Bros became involved.  They write most of the bills and for some reason have made anti-abortion a major centerpiece of legislation as the War on Women's Rights keeps increasing.  I have my theory that it is to raise money from the pro-life community who gives dollars at the mention of abortion to be used by the Koch Bros to defeat all moderate GOP and Democrats.

This is SOP for Oklahoma abortion laws because our legislature keeps overreaching and forgetting that Federal Law trumps State Law which they should not have to be reminded but thought I would throw that in since the hard right GOP seems to forget that fact.  
Oklahoma Rejected by Top Court on Ultrasound Abortion LawBy Greg Stohr - Nov 12, 2013 12:01 PM CT 
The U.S. Supreme Court refused to revive an Oklahoma abortion law that would have required doctors to first perform an ultrasound, show it to the woman and describe what the image depicts. 
Rejecting an appeal by state officials, the justices left intact an Oklahoma Supreme Court decision that invalidated the law as placing an unconstitutional burden on abortion rights.

The rebuff marks the second time this month that the high court has declined to reinstate Oklahoma abortion regulations. The justices earlier dropped a planned case over restrictions on drug-induced abortions after the Oklahoma Supreme Court said the state’s law would have outlawed all such procedures.
The rebuff is “another clear message to lawmakers across the U.S. that attacks on women’s health, rights and dignity are patently unconstitutional and will not be allowed to stand,” said Nancy Northup, president of the Center for Reproductive Rights. That group sued to challenge the law on behalf of Nova Health Systems, an abortion provider. 
Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt argued that the ultrasound requirement was a legitimate effort to ensure that a woman wouldn’t later regret her decision to have an abortion. 
Pruitt said in a statement that a federal appeals court had upheld a similar ultrasound law in Texas
“The unfortunate message sent by the Oklahoma Supreme Court’s decision in this case is that when it comes to abortion regulations, what is legal in other states is illegal in Oklahoma,” he said. 
Excerpt:  Read More at Bloomberg
Making women pay for an ultrasound when they want an abortion is just wrong.  Can you imagine having been raped and having to endure an ultrasound or even worse having to terminate a pregnancy due to the danger of a mother's health?  In some states, you cannot get an abortion after 20 weeks even if your baby has died or will never be a viable person.  Do these neanderthal Republicans even think of the consequences of their action?  Is this all about being a he-man on procreation.  The white male dominated GOP of today has idiots in it that say you cannot get pregnant from a rape because of some hormone that prevents the pregnancy.   How demeaning to a woman that has been raped and does get pregnant.

These are the same white males who are cutting the SNAP program for the poor, want to do away with the school breakfast and lunch, head start funds,  and almost forgot the WIC Program that provides nutrition to the mother and child.  What we are left with is a Party that wants no abortion and is against contraceptives, but do not want to take care of the children AFTER they are born?  That defies common sense but then common sense is not two words I would use with the GOP today -- there is none left in about 90% of the Tea Party base as they drove the rest of us out.

Will never understand the fixation on abortion, contraceptives, and pregnancy in the GOP.  Have asked for years why it is okay for men to get male enhancement drugs or drugs for erectile dysfunction but not okay to pay for contraceptives to prevent pregnancy?  The standard reply on a website was that it affects their 'manhood' and that their job is to 'make babies' so I assume they believe that a woman only has one job and that is to have their children with a mentality like that.  Cannot tell you the number of times I have blasted these Neanderthals.  They are the original women should not be allowed to vote or express their opinion on politics, should not be in the workforce unless they work for them, and are to be the good little housewife who stays home with her children and doesn't venture into the real world.

True story:  Was leaving a restaurant talking to a guy about politics when he said he tells his wife he votes for her because she doesn't understand anything about politics and would vote wrong - he got my raised eyebrow, rolling eye look.  I kept telling myself to keep my mouth shut but I said finally said "you must be kidding" and he said "honest truth" and was left to get to my car as fast as I could and then later ask someone close if he really meant that and he concurred he meant that.  Welcome to the GOP white males of today who want to dominate everything when it comes to women.

When someone asks me why I can no longer support Republicans, it is easy -- believe I have as much right to my vote, my opinion, and my beliefs as any male -- they have no right to tell me how to vote, think, or to sit down and shut up.  Women need to become more vocal who are willing to stand up for what is right and fight these GOP Neanderthals at every turn as they attempt to turn back the clocks on women's rights across the board.   The so-called "Patriotic" Republican white male dominated party with their wives who listen to them and follow their lead need a lesson on elections since they cannot take losses and still try to enforce their beliefs on the rest of us starting with abortion after they lost nationwide.  

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  1. Oh, just wait ten minutes. OK will pass yet another anti-abortion law.