Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Why the United States and the World Must Act Against Syria for Their Use of Chemical Weapons?

There has been so much hate filled rhetoric against President Obama and his team on Huffington Post about Syria that I wanted to take the time today to give my two cents on Syria:

I want to share why I support President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagle on standing up to Assad on his use of chemical weapons.  For almost 100 years, the world has had no fully documented use of chemical weapons on a large scale like has happened in Syria that was used by the regime on over 1,400 of their own citizens.  Syria is one of seven countries that refused to sign the treaty not to use chemical weapons.  If we don't do something as a Nation and the World to stand up after drawing a Red Line in the Sand on the use of chemical weapons when the treaty in the 70's was ratified by 107 countries, then we will be encouraging other rogue nations like North Korea to use chemical weapons.

My Grandfather died when my Dad was 5 years old from mustard gas he had inhaled released by the Germans in WWI.  Germany should been neutered then for using such a horrible gas but they were allowed to rebuild.  It is time the world took responsibility and stood against any nation using chemical weapons.

What bothers me are the hard right and NEOCONS pushing the rebels did it as we know full well the rebels would have been destroyed by Assad if they had released the chemical weapons.  Then there is the part that Al Qaeda are part of the rebels when in reality a source on a conference call last night verified that Hezbelloh and Al Qaeda stand with Assad so why are members of the Republican Party's NEOCON and hard right pushing that?  What are they afraid the UN is going to find in Syria like who has been providing the chemicals and scientists to help with the chemical weapons?

There is no doubt in my mind we have to act against Assad or the world will be even less safe.  I stand fully behind President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry, and SecDef Hagel move forward on what has to be a tough decision but they know you cannot stand idly by as it is too dangerous.

God be with these men as they chart the course of what needs to be done.

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