Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Why is the House on Recess Next Week? Coming up with New Ideas to Defund Obamacare?

The source added that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is “shopping an idea of passing defund through the House with the CR, but with a mechanism that would allow it to be decoupled in the Senate, defeated, and then the base CR be passed without coming back to the House.”  

That is now dead to be replaced by a vote on the continuing resolution with a much trickier defund Obamacare package which would be harder to decouple according to the Atlantic Wire below.  Looks like after the vote, the House GOP plan to leave town so the Senate can figure out how they handle this mess created by the House Republicans who are bowing to their hard right Tea Party base risking the full faith and credit of the US Government to get reelected.  The very idea that the House is not working next week according to their schedule I just got from the House.gov website should make every one's blood boil.

September, 2013

Would someone like to explain to me why the House is on recess again next with with continuing resolutions and an upcoming debt ceiling looming?  Are they really this stupid to stay out of DC to allow the Federal Government to default on 1 October 2013 since they have not passed a continuing resolution?  

Their hair brained scheme to defund Obamacare risking the full faith and credit of the United States to appease the Tea Party and wealthy donors should get every last Republican supporting it thrown out of office in November 2014.  These bunch of clowns don't deserve the title of Congressman with their antics and threats to shut down the Government to get their own way to defund Obamacare. Sound like a bunch of spoiled brats who need to go sit in a corner until they can behave.

Those spoiled brats have struck according to The Atlantic Wire article that just broke with a new GOP plan to defund Obamacare or shutdown government with NO decoupling mechanism in the Senate.  Is it me or does Speaker Boeher look like he has a total dislike of this President?  Is it because the current Republican leadership cannot stand having a minority as President and from what I hear from the hard right a Democrat woman would face the same obstacles.  Bottom line is the current GOP cannot stand not having a Republican in the White House.  This picture does Boehner no favors!

If the Atlantic Wire is correct, the House GOP is getting ready to throw a monkey wrench into their vote on the continuing resolution with their new scheme trying to back the Senate and Obama into a corner risking the shutdown of Government over Obamacare.  Petty bunch of Republicans.

House Conservatives Will Get an Anti-Obamacare Vote After AllABBY OHLHEISER6:16 PM ET 
The Republican House leadership will give in to their conservative charges and stage (another!) vote to defund Obamacare as part of a continuing resolution to keep funding the government, according to the National Review. The internal GOP fight about an anti-Obamacare provision in the resolution has played out to the side of the main stage drama over Syria, but with Congress facing a September 30th deadline to keep the government funded, Boehner, Cantor and co. need to do something to get the fight over what the next few months of government funding will look like at least out of the gate.  
Here's the National Review, who note that the leadership will announce the vote Wednesday: 
This means the conservatives who have been urging Boehner to back a defunding effort as part of the CR have won a victory, at least in terms of getting the leadership to go along with their strategy. But getting such a CR through the Senate and signed into law will be very difficult — and many House insiders say the vote may be just the first vote in a long series of legislative ping pong. 
But it looks like the measure the House ended up with won't provide that easy separation — the measure will simultaneously fund and defund, without the opt out amendment structure.  It's the latest iteration of a conservative push to refuse to continue to fund the government unless Obama agrees to defund Obamacare. And while this round is likely just as symbolic, and doomed to fail, as every previous attempt, we now know more about the line conservatives see between too much symbolic opposition, and just the right amount.
Excerpt:  Read More at the Atlantice Wire about GOP shenanigans on using the continuing resolution to defund Obamacare
From Paul Krugman, New York Times, 11 Sep 2013:
What Defunding Means 
As some of us have been saying, financial markets are way too complacent about the debt ceiling — which we’re going to hit in as little as five weeks. Everything Republican leaders are actually saying suggests that they intend to go full-on blackmail, holding America’s full faith and credit hostage to the sacred goal of crippling Obamacare before it gets going. Assumptions that they will in fact blink are entirely faith-based. 
And this article about the plight of the near-old — those close to, but not yet at, the Medicare age — shows what it is the GOP is willing to fight for, indeed to endanger the stability of world financial markets:
THE sweeping federal health care law making its major public debut next month was meant for people like Juanita Stonebraker, 63, from Oakland, Md., who retired from her job in a hospital billing office a year and a half ago. 
She was able to continue her health insurance coverage from the hospital for a time, but when she tried to find an individual policy on her own, none of the insurers she contacted would cover her because she was diabetic.
Yes: Republicans are willing to push the economy and the financial system to the edge of disaster in order to deny people like Ms. Stonebraker coverage. Awesome, isn’t it?
What makes these House Republican leaders tick?  Never have witnessed anything like this with their hatred of the President who has taken to joking about if he is for something they are automatically against.   They refuse to show respect to the Office of the President now but  demanded all Democrats respect Bush-Cheney even when they were lying -- bunch of hypocrites on top of obstructionists, rude, obnoxious, dishonest, and a few other choice names that are unprintable.

Bottom line no matter how many conservatives think President Obama is going to cave, I would be willing to bet he won't cave on delaying Obamacare and the Republican Party will be blamed if the Government is shut down come 1 October 2013, the beginning of the fiscal year.  American people need to understand this is the fault of Republicans in the House who have refused to meet with the Senate on budget resolutions.  We kept hearing the Senate never passed a budget.  When the Senate wrote a budget that was passed in the spring, the House GOP has refused to acknowledge that budget and send negotiators to work out a deal between the two Houses so the Government can be funded.

This is not the way Government is supposed to work but House Republicans keep pushing ahead going over the cliff.  Now it is time for Americans to wake up to the kind of people who are members of the House GOP caucus who put their own re-election ahead of the Country.  Let's get rid of the obstructionist GOP in 2014 and elect Democrats who want to move the Country forward.

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