Friday, August 30, 2013

There is Only ONE Oklahoma! Kick-off Saturday Night at 6 p.m

Game day tents for tailgating were being set up all around campus this afternoon in preparation for the University of Oklahoma versus Louisiana Monroe game tomorrow.  This afternoon OU released the background video to 'There is Only ONE Oklahoma" opening video.  Our field is painted and ready to go and our team is most likely watching a movie right now.  Traffic has already picked up in Norman this afternoon and evening.  Tomorrow the road my street comes off will have much more traffic with I-35 under construction in Norman to redo our bridges and make more sense on how you get on and off the interstate.

Countdown started on the first day of practice and culiminates tomorrow night at 6 p.m.,  August 31, when the 2013 season kicks off.  It is now time for football to come back to Owen Field when the Sooners take on Louisiana Monroe.

Last year my brother and I were in El Paso for the opening game when it was so hot they didn't start the game until 8:30 MDT and it was still hot.  Best tailgating food we have ever had and was all free from the local businesses putting on a huge tailgate for the first time to individual tailgaters wanted us to sample their food and drinks.  It was AWESOME the way the people of El Paso treated us as fans.

Today OU released this video to show some of the behind the scenes of entrance video that changes every year. Looking forward to watching it tomorrow night at the stadium as they have put some new things into the video as the video people have experimented.  

This is our 17th year of OU football since being transferred here after Kelly AFB Depot was being closed by the BRAC.  We got here two years before Head Coach Bob Stoops and why we could get season tickets cheap in those days -- now not so cheap.   We also share the fact that the Stoops Family comes from Ohio and so do I and two of my children.  When we lived in SoCal Bob Stoops came out to the Rose Bowl with the Iowa Hawkeyes when they played in the Rose Bowl.  Who would have thought we would be living in the same town all these years later in the heart of Oklahoma football, Norman, and Bob Stoops would be beginning his 15th season as the Head Coach of the Oklahoma Sooners.  

On game day Saturdays you know where you will be find us -- at Owen Field losing our voices.  More then once I have gotten up on a Sunday morning with a hoarse voice.  First time was when we beat #1 Nebraska in 2000 to take #1 and never look back all the way to the Orange Bowl and National Championship.  
Boomer Sooner!

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