Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Republicans Hold Town Halls Lying About Obamacare -- OFA Sets the Record Straight

Make no mistake: The other side is spending millions on TV and advertising designed explicitly to mislead Americans. When one of these ads got fact-checked by an independent organization, the group behind it didn't flinch. They just bought more air time.  OFA Email

Received the following email from OFA.  Since they get fact checked over and over again you can bet that their information can be counted on to be right.  They are countering the millions being spent by Koch Bros to put out untrue information on Obamacare along with the Heritage Foundation tour of former hard right Senator Jim DeMint who is holding TownHalls lying about Obamacare.  When the Koch Bros chose Jim DeMint to head Heritage they picked someone in their image willing to spend
millions of dollars on a campaign of lies -- this time on Obamacare.

Since Republicans made the Affordable Healthcare Act political, how can Heritage get involved since they are non-profit or is this more of the Republicans sponsored by the Koch Brothers don't have to follow rules?  Seems to be contagious in the Republican Party.

Heritage even sponsors polling now trying to convince everyone that the American people don't like Obamacare by going into 11 Congressional Districts and doing push polling.  MSNBC was dumb enough to run results of a poll out of a Heritage group that is from the Koch Bros who own Heritage. 

The MSM is missing the boat day in and day out as they report talking points instead of doing investigative journalism that a lot of us have been complaining for a long time.   That's what happens when big business buys up the media – non-bias gets tossed out the window and they become fronts for their owners and what they want reported in many cases.  Like the days of Watergate when the print media did the investigative journalism, today it is still print and now websites that will investigate before reporting the news.  Broadcast for the most part is pretty biased.

There are some journalists I have to wonder if they ever took a college class in Ethics like a lot of Fox News.  Now CNN is following along in the footsteps of Fox News. Makes you wonder when this sloppy journalism is going to end where journalists take sides and report lies and spin for facts.  Think by and large the younger journalists are much better and quicker to make sure they have more then one source.

The graph below in the OFA email is devastating to the right but since the hard right in Louisiana blames Obama equally with Bush for Hurricane Katrina, would say there is an intelligence gap with a lack of ability to reason on the hard right.  Not sure they could understand the graph and definitely could not comprehend what it says as they have to be told what to think.  I have seen it up close and personal which makes me shake my head how they can believe some of the things they are told. 
Sharon -- 
Guess how some members of Congress are spending their August vacation: 
They're touring the country, going state by state and district by district to convince people that Obamacare isn't working -- never mind the benefits that millions of families are already feeling. 
After trying and failing to repeal the law (40 times!), they're starting to get desperate. 
OFA's Truth  Team is here to set the record straight. 
Fight back against the cynical opponents of Obamacare by sharing some truth about how Obamacare is already helping folks all across the country -- here's a perfect graphic to get started:
They're trying to take health care awayfrom millions of Americans -- and they're doing it by fudging the truth. 
Make no mistake: The other side is spending millions on TV and advertising designed explicitly to mislead Americans. 
When one of these ads got fact-checked by an independent organization, the group behind it didn't flinch. They just bought more air time.
The next fight is already on the horizon:  Some of these representatives are the same folks pledging not to pass any budget as long as it continues to fund Obamacare.
They'd even go as far as to shut down the government if they don't get their way. That's right -- if we don't jettison a law that passed three years ago so millions of Americans could get affordable care, some members of Congress want to take their ball and go home.
We know the American people are smarter than this -- so it's our job to make sure that they have the facts.
One of the oddest things of this whole fight Republicans picked on Obamacare is that it is essentially the same healthcare program they introduced in the 90's for healthcare but now that the Democrats have passed Obamacare, they don't like it because it doesn't have a GOP name on it -- they had a chance to be part of making a difference but Republicans in Congress were afraid of their new Tea Party base going into 2010 so they refused to work together.

Speaker John Boehner may go down in history as the worst Speaker ever with the House being the worst House ever.  Republicans deserve the title of 'worst ever' when it comes to Congress.  They are systematically destroying the Republican Party as a viable party and they don't care which is even more astonishing.  Could it be this was the Libertarian Plan of the Koch Brothers all along to destroy the Republican Party so they could have their hard right Libertarian Party as a major player.  Most Americans don't like the hard right and their wanting a theocracy.  What happened to the Republican Party standing for our Republic?  Did they forget what men and women have fought for over the years to keep our freedoms which the Republican Party of today wants to take away from women and minorities.

Time to vote the hard right GOP out of office in November 2014.  A good start would be voting Democrats into Governorships in Virginia and New Jersey in November 2013.

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