Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy 4th of July Week!

This 4th of July week, the President is in Africa and the Congress is on another recess while the GOP is still attacking women, minorities, gays, and immigration.  In other words, business as usual out of the GOP.

Will not be doing regular blog posts this week with 4th of July.  Unlike Rick Perry who called a special section to start today on passing the abortion bill, I grew up with my Dad always having the 4th of July off and doing activities as a family.  Our small town always had a 4th of July celebration at the Park where little league baseball went on all day.  High School band held a concert in late afternoon with patriotic mustic in summer uniforms so we didn't roast.  There was plenty of food followd by fireworks that could be seen for miles.  Growing up on the 4th of July meant it was time for BBQ chicken, beans, potato salad, and mac and cheese along with fresh squeezed lemonade and a watermelon for dessert.

After years of being encouraged to go the Apple route, I have finally became an IMAC user and couldn't be happier.  A week ago today, my son installed the Apple IMAC in my home office.  First few days I was wondering what I had gotten myself into but today couldn't be happier.  The adjustment was relatively painless and now so happy to have the IMAC.  Makes doing this blog even easier.  Could say it is my way of celebrating for the 4th to have a speedy computer to take full advantage of U-Verse wireless that is here in the House.

Have decided that the Republican Party male dominated party has gone nuts with their attacks on women's rights and that the do over of the GOP is dead.  Their comments in many instances are an insult to our intelligence.  Governor Kasich of OH signed a really bad bill against women yesterday in front of all white males.  Why are these neanderthal Republican men so focused on what a woman does with her body?  Maybe they should take a little less Viagra and their life wouldn't be dominated by the female body.  Only explanation that a lot of us can come up with their bizarre behavior.

Time to celebrate our great Nation and pledge to make sure that we continue to welcome immigrants to our shores as we have for over 200 years.  Have a terrific 4th of July weekend!  Stay safe!

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