Friday, July 26, 2013

Drought is Officially Over in Norman, OK

Green Belt behind my home is flooded this morning like it is a river.  Our lake at the end of the green belt is two houses from me and overflowing causing the flowing water to look like a river with rapids from all of our rains overnight and this morning.

UPDATE from Norman Transcript:
At 9 a.m. today the Oklahoma Mesonet showed Norman receiving 3.99 inches of rain in the past 24 hours. The heaviest rain was reported between 5 and 7 a.m. 
Forecasters expected the rain to move out later this morning, leaving cooler temperatures this afternoon and evening. 
Norman Police encouraged motorists to exercise extreme caution while traveling the streets of Norman today.  Officers said a number of intersections and roadways were closed and impassable.  “For your safety, we urge you to obey all signs and barricades and please do not drive around them.  If at all possible, we would like to recommend that citizens simply avoid the roadways and flooded areas until the rain subsides and the roadways are opened back up for safe travel,” according to a release from Police Lt. Chad Vincent.

This is normall all green with no water but this morning looks like a river
Norman is flooded on streets this morning, streams are overflowing, and the drought has officially ended as far as I am concerned.  When I was in Sprouts this week, heard a lady talk about we still have a chance for the drought to hit this summer.  Rolled my eyes like are you crazy.  We were 16 1/2 inches above normal rainfall for the year and had rain this week before the overnight deluge.  Guess it is not necessary to water my lawn as I had a lawn treatment this week.  No need to water my garden or flowers either.  My neighbor and I across the greenbelt were visiting yesterday in the spot where the water is flowing with rapids.  Usually we get the ducks going down the stream when we get rain that causes the lake to overflow and then hoping back out to ride it down again.  This morning - no ducks or geese are going near that water in the green belt as it is flowing rapidly.

On the way to Urgent Care after getting flooded from their stream!
My son sent me the picture of the Beavers above.  There is a small stream near Urgent Care on 12th Avenue (Sooner Road) that I am sure is flooded.  Kind of sums up the morning.

This picture from my side yard shows the water is up to my fence lilne and a little under in places which is only the second time this has happened since we moved here in July 2001.  

Looking back toward the lake from deck, there is not usually water in the background.  My garden has never been this green at this time of year as you can see above with this picture from the deck.  Last year with the 100 degree days, I got maybe ten tomatoes all summer.  This year topped that number by 4th of July.  Can almost see my grass growing after these rains.  First year I have not had to water my lawn because of the amount of rain we are getting.  

Happy to see my stone retaining wall came through with flying colors I have been working on getting the steps in this week.  That's my pet project I designed and am finishing this summer/fall.  

Have a terrific weekend as we start to dry out (I hope).

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