Monday, April 29, 2013

Morning Joe Interview with Governor Christie in New Jersey Six Months After Hurricane Sandy

“The president has kept every promise he made” (Governor Chris Christie on the President's actions following Hurricane Sandy)

Just today the money that was finally approved months after Hurricane Sandy by the stingy GOP is starting to flow into New Jersey.  Governor Christie knew it would take about three months after the relief bill was passed but he wasn't counting on it taking so long to get Congress off the dime to vote for Hurricane Sandy relief.

Still haven't gotten over how fast Governor Perry and the two Texas Senators, Cornyn and Cruz rushed to get federal aid for the West, Texas, fertilizer storage explosion after the Governor's extremely negative comments against Obama and the two Texas Senators voting against Hurricane Sandy relief for the East Coast.  Bunch of Republican hypocrites reside in elected office in Texas today.

Christie understands that as Governor your state comes first and even though there was an election, it meant nothing compared to what New Jersey and New York were going through.  The criticism by the hard right against Christie is stupid but speaks to how little they care about others - part of the "my way or no way" group.  Anyone who does something they don't like gets called names no matter the reason.  Christie has been called every name you could think of by the hard right on the internet and in interviews.  RINO is most likely the mildest he has been called.  He just keeps moving on and putting his state first ignoring the jerks on the hard right..

President Obama has done a very good job during times of disasters and crises.  In fact, much, much better then the Bush team as we saw with Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf.  The Bush FEMA people were the worst I have ever seen.  Gov Christie should be happy that he didn't have to deal with the Bush Administration during Hurricane Sandy or he would still be waiting for FEMA to get off the dime.
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Governor Chris Christie on Morning Joe this morning: 
Update 1:00 p.m. 
The U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) approved New Jersey’s disaster recovery plan, Gov. Christie announced mid-day Monday. 
HUD will fund $1.83 billion to support housing, infrastructure, and business through homeowner relief, infrastructure development, and low-interest loans to small businesses.
“Today’s news sends a very powerful message that New Jersey is moving forward and that the Jersey Shore will be open for business this summer,” Christie said at a press conference. “These funds will provide critical resources to our Sandy-impacted homeowners and businesses to reconstruct, rehabilitate and continue down the road of recovery.” 
Six months after superstorm Sandy ravaged New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie said he has no regrets on working with President Barack Obama on his state’s recovery—despite political blowback. 
“The president has kept every promise he made,” the Republican governor said on Morning Joe Monday from Asbury Park, N.J. “Everybody knows I have about 95% level of disagreement with Barack Obama on principle and philosophy, but the fact is we have a job to do. What people expect from people they elect is to do their jobs.”
The two were pictured embracing, just seven days before the presidential election, as they toured the destruction in New Jersey. 
Republicans slammed Christie for working with the president they were trying to unseat and shunned the one-time GOP star from conservative events like CPAC, despite his high approval ratings. (Currently 68% of New Jersey residents believe he’s doing a good job.)
“I supported Mitt Romney and I was very vocal about it, but the fact is presidential politics were not the first thing on my mind that day,” Christie said.
Failing to put politics aside and get the job done is one of the reasons Americans disapprove so strongly of Washington, D.C, he said. (Just 15% of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing.) 
“That’s why they hate Washington so much. They hate Washington because people don’t care, many of them, they don’t care about getting the job done,” he said. “They care about arguing with each other and being right. The president’s guilty of that, the Congress is guilty of that.”
Christie challenged his critics to put themselves in his shoes. 
“What the president and I did at that time is we saw suffering together,” he said. “When you see that, you’re either going to step up and be responsible or you’re not.  We stepped up and were responsible.” 
Then there was Barbara Bush last Thursday before the dedication of the Bush Library on Friday who said it all IMHO:

Appearing in an interview Thursday on NBC’s “Today” show, Mrs. Bush was asked how she felt about Jeb, the former governor of Florida, seeking the presidency in 2016. 
Mrs. Bush replied, quote, “We’ve had enough Bushes.” 
She went on to say she thought there were many worthy candidates, telling anchor Matt Lauer, “There are people out there” who are qualified. Mrs. Bush, who had a reputation for bluntness when her husband George H.W. Bush was president, spoke from the site of the presidential library. On Wednesday, George W. Bush told CNN he thought Jeb Bush should run for president.
Barbara Bush is the one bright spot in an otherwise dismal GOP.  She has always spoke her mind and no one is going to tell her what to say which is refreshing.  Looks like Chris Christie is cut of that same cloth - they are both going to say what they think and if someone doesn't like it, tough!

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