Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hard Right Stance on Gun Control is Fueled by Fear

NRA, GOA, gun lobby, conservative talk radio/sites, Fox News pundits, and some members of Congress are pushing Fear of the Federal Government as the reason to oppose any reasonable gun control

This morning my other blog, Democrats for Sale, is back up only for me now to get the content which is new because for days I could not even get to the content.  It was back on-line for about four hours before it was taken down after a complaint on Terms of Service which made no sense.  When you consider the subjects I have been covering with being anti-NRA, anti-RNC, and anti-GOP Congress, it makes sense.  I have started posting here on Voices from the Heartland during this time DfS has been down.  BTW,  I am contemplating taking Voices to a paid website in the near future so I don't have to bothered by those who object to my free speech.

We have a class in this Country of hard right who only believe Freedom of Speech belongs to them starting with the conservative talk radio pundits led by Rush Limbaugh and Hannity, most of the hosts on Fox News Channel (not counting Shepherd Smith or Greta), conservative websites/bloggers and paid harassers who go from site to site posting their hard right conservative talking points.  Truth doesn't matter to these people, it is the hard right conservative narrative.  

When it came out that Reagan had pushed for the Assault Weapons Ban, he became a RINO.  The same thing happened to Justice Scalia when he said that the 2nd amendment didn't give you the right to own military style weapons and that the militia of the Constitution is the National Guard/Reserves of today so now he is a RINO.  In 2004 when the Assault Weapons Ban was going to be allowed to expire by Republicans, President Bush couldn't fathom why they were allowing it to expire so he became a RINO and most likely why he had so much trouble with the Republican Congress when he was re-elected as he made the NRA mad.  

This graphic was linked on Twitter to show exactly what they are talking about when they say Assault Weapon according to the NY Times:

CSGV 18 Jan
Outstanding new graphic from the : "What Makes An Assault Weapon." RT this widely.

The NY Times posted this picture with their article which I have excerpted the last few paragraphs below to show the term Assault Weapons originated:
“Assault rifle” was first used to describe a military weapon, the Sturmgewehr, produced by the Germans in World War II. The Sturmgewehr — literally “storm rifle,” a name chosen by Adolf Hitler — was capable of both semiautomatic and full-automatic fire. It was the progenitor for many modern military rifles. 
But the term “assault rifle” was expanded and broadened when gun manufacturers began to sell firearms modeled after the new military rifles to civilians. In 1984, Guns & Ammo advertised a book called “Assault Firearms,” which it said was “full of the hottest hardware available today.”         
“The popularly held idea that the term ‘assault weapon’ originated with antigun activists, media or politicians is wrong,” Mr. Peterson wrote. “The term was first adopted by the manufacturers, wholesalers, importers and dealers in the American firearms industry to stimulate sales of certain firearms that did not have an appearance that was familiar to many firearm owners. The manufacturers and gun writers of the day needed a catchy name to identify this new type of gun.” 
Yesterday's "Gun Appreciation Day" originally co-sponsored by a white supremacist group turned out to be comedy with five people shot at gun shows due to 'accidents' when people shot a loaded gun and five people got hurt.  You couldn't take this stuff up that a gun dealer pointed a gun he had purchased, shot, and it hit someone as there was a bullet left in the gun after the clip had been removed.  Abject stupidity and yet these are the people who want to own military style guns with large clips.  Don't get the large clips except the talk show circuit and websites have convinced some people who are not the brightest bulb in the pack that the Federal Government is going to send the military to attack them.

Why are the hard right conservatives led by Senator Rand Paul trying to stir up these people who believe what they say and could be a threat to our military and police officers around the Country if they perceive they are doing something that bothers them.  We are not dealing with common sense, we are dealing with people who do cling to their guns and try to be all macho like they are some kind of a gunslinger.  Do they have the temperament that if someone made fun of them open carrying a gun, they might take it out and shoot.  Common sense people don't carry guns to go shopping.

Then there is the NRA an organization who has lost touch with being an organization that supports hunting, gun safety, and reasonable laws.  They are now hard right money makers as the lobbying arm of the gun/ammo manufacturers.  Today someone will pay $4,000 for a gun that is worth about $600 because of the increased demand for guns since this Country elected its first black president, the gun manufacturers have increased the price for guns knowing those who scare easily into thinking this Country is going socialist or communist because of President Obama are going to pay the price.  Some of these people would live on beans to buy a gun.  When you see someone post that their guns are before family because it is the only way to protect them, you realize you most likely are not dealing with someone with a full deck.

What is the scary part is that these people consider themselves patriots and the federal government is the enemy which brings us back to Ruby Ridge, David Koresh and Waco, and then their shining triumph according to Timothy McVeigh when he planned to kill as many federal workers as he could with bombing the federal Murrah Building in Oklahoma City.  He and his partner(s) not only killed federal workers but also young children who were in the day care center.  Yet even today there are some loons in the militia who consider what McVeigh did as the right thing to do.

The worst part is that members of Congress just not conservative talk shows and websites are touting the President is not legitimate, the Federal Government is coming to take your guns, new laws are Unconstitutional as the President has no right to sign Executive Orders on gun control and the list goes on and on all in order to stir up the hard right so they can line their pockets with money from the NRA, GOA, and gun/ammo manufacturers who support their campaigns/sites.  After all, both sides have to do four hours of fundraising every afternoon and don't want to shut down the NRA/Gun Lobby dollars and that includes Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) who is balking at tougher filibuster requirements who is in the hip pocket of the gun lobby so it cuts both ways.

Now we will see how long this stays up!

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