Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Democrats and Republicans for Sale Blog Declared Spam

This post is dedicated to the person(s) who decided to have a four year old blog declared spam.  What horrible thing did I do?  I took on the gun lobby of NRA, RNC, Republicans in Congress, and the Koch Brothers organizations!  If they think reporting my blog as spam is going to make me be quiet, they are in for a rude awakening.  Not only will it not silence me, but I intend to dig in even more to help Democrats defeat the GOP in the House in 2014 because they are nothing but obstructionists and believe free speech only belongs to them.

The RNC Chair wants to change the way the President is elected so they can scam the voters just like they have with gerrymandering House seats.   Only way they can win is to change the rules and suppress votes.  I cannot believe I am even a member of the Republican Party today where guns are more important than the lives of people.  More details later about the RNC plan to change awarding electoral votes in some states.

Tomorrow, I will have more but for tonight there is no Democrats and Republicans for Sale until blogspot determines it is not spam.  Will be back with more information about the President's plan and how the GOP is out of control calling for his impeachment and states saying they will not enforce federal law.  Absolutely disgusting.

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