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Republican House Votes to Deport 550,000 Children who have Nothing to do with the Crisis on the Border

Republicans like to call themselves the pro-family and pro-life party, but nothing could be more disturbingly further from the truth based on their stand against innocent children.  Sarah Jones, Politicususa

This statement says all you need to know about today's Republican Party who deserve to be defeated at all levels because of their hypocrisy declaring themselves Christian when their votes and rhetoric say otherwise.  I am still trying to figure out what the 550,000 children the GOP voted to deport last night have to do with the border crises.  The answer is nothing but it gives a clear picture of how racist the Republican Party has become today when they want to do away with a program that works for the Hispanic children who have been brought here by their parents or other family members.

Then there are the lies by Republicans that the Obama Administration is doing nothing about the Border crises which the vast majority of MSM lapdogs of the GOP repeat over and over again which flies in the face of facts which are readily available.
The Obama Administration’s Government-Wide Response to Influx of Central American Migrants at the Southwest Border
It is all there on the White House Website about what has been done about this crisis by the various agencies of the Obama Administration in contrast to the rhetoric of Republicans and Governor's Perry's grandstanding on the Border.

Didn't think the Republican Party could get any lower but last night they did -- the vast majority have not one ounce of empathy for anyone but the wealthy and the white males of the party.  Everyone else can take a hike including children in their small racist minds.  In my heart I believe that many of the people who call themselves Republicans would consider Jesus too liberal today.  Is that why the hard right is rewritomg the Bible to keep their puppets in line by taking out passages they call too liberal? Guess with all the cheering for their cruel bill against children they forgot the words of Jesus:
King James Bible:  But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.  Luke 18:16
Grew up singing "Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world, red, and yellow, black and white they are precious in his sight...."  As I played this You Tube video, tears were streaming down my cheeks as I remembered growing up in a church that opened its doors to the migrant families and their children on Sunday morning cooking not only breakfast for them but dinner as well while our youth group played games with the children and helping them do art work they could take with them.

Today that church of my youth and where I grew up in a small town in Ohio has joined the hard right racist churches of America.  It is no longer a Church that welcomes people no matter their faith or color -- today it is a white stuffy church that all those verses of the Bible I learned as a little child growing up going to Sunday School and Church are no longer relevant as they joined the hard right in using the new conservative bible funded by Green of Hobby Lobby which removes passages they consider liberal and changes words to make them have new meanings.  It makes me sad to realize that young children in some of these churches today are being taught to hate others not love.

This flag from Politicususa sums up what I think about the Republican Party today.  There is a book that I was given years ago called "The Rise of the Southern Republican" and truthfully never even glanced at it until now.  The book was written in 2002 detailing 50 years of the South becoming more Republican by two brothers, Earl and Merle Black, who are professors -- one at Rice and one at Emory.  Wonder what has gone through their minds today as the Republican Party has turned into a Party that welcomes the KKK, John Birch Society, White Supremacists,  et al with its base now demanding whites only in America?  Never has been more clear to anyone who thinks as the rhetoric and bills we see submitted out of Republicans at all levels today scream white power starting with voting suppression and overturning a major part of the Voting Rights Act.  The Southern Democrat raciest in Arkansas and other Southern states  that President Eisenhower fought on school integration are now Republicans but their agenda and attitudes have not changed -- just the name of the Party.

Just like the Church I grew up in, the Republican Party has changed drastically from the days when my family supported President Dwight D Eisenhower on desegregation of the public schools in Little Rock, AR, when they refused to abide by the SCOTUS decision of 1954 in Brown vs Board of Education leading to his address on  “Mob Rule Cannot Be Allowed to Override the Decisions of Our Courts”: President Dwight D. Eisenhower"s 1957 Address on Little Rock, Arkansas

Saw the hate of the northern whites against blacks in Dayton, Ohio, during the race riots in the 60's.   Blacks were treated like 2nd class citizens and finally rebelled.  Remember asking my Dad why the KKK was in Ohio and his words are not printable -- he had no use for racists of any sort.  The town I grew up in is now part of Speaker Boehner's District 90 miles north of Cincinnati which is a district made up of rural areas of Ohio represented by someone who doesn't have a clue about farming.  In my heart I know my Dad would not be supporting John Boehner today and would not support the Republican Party of racist as he did not have a racist bone in his body.

This group of hard right Republicans/Libertarians/Koch Bros Tea Party accuse President Obama of acting like Hitler when they are the Hitlers of the US.  They bash and bully anyone who looks, thinks, or acts different from them.  Commonly known as the "my way or no way" crowd, they have no use for anyone who has different ideas or is a difference race.  They are all about only "Whites Only Welcome" preferably white males as women are supposed to be subservient to white males to which I say to the whole group "Bravo Sierra!"

Remember going to a Republican event near the end of summer and being told by a white male jerk that Hispanics were not welcome in 'our' party.  Didn't pay any attention and he goes I am talking to you and my head jerked around with a completely confused look on my face according to several others.  Then he goes I am talking to you again.  Looked at him and asked him point blank if he thought I was Hispanic and he said absolutely with your last name and skin color.  I burst out laughing right in his face and told him he needed a better education because his racism was showing and walked away.

My Dad's grandparents on his Mother's side came from Southern France which is where I get my skin color and ability to tan with blonde hair/blue eyes plus my last name by marriage is Italian not Hispanic. I could have easily given him the facts but frankly, it wasn't worth it -- let him think I was Hispanic and bug him I was at a Republican meeting.  BTW, on my Dad's Father's side his family came to the United States in the middle 1600's settling in Virginia who the Indians would have considered illegal immigrants.  Lost track of the number of GOP who thought I was Hispanic as one woman told me because I never turn completely 'white' in winter.  To this day I don't see what makes the difference but it shows how racist some Republicans are today -- have gotten a good laugh out of it as it has helped drive me out of the GOP and to the Democrats.

What galls me the most in the Republican Party today is to see Senator Rubio trashing the Dream Act and wanting it ended when his family came from Cuba.  But worse yet he lied that they were refugees from Cuba when they came here freely from Cuba and returned at will.  Did Rubio's family members come here legally?  This will answer that question from his own biography:
According to a Rubio biography due out in June (2012) by Washington Post reporter Manuel Roig-Franzia, Rubio's grandfather Pedro Victor Garcia was an illegal immigrant to the United States. Disillusioned by his financial prospects, Garcia reportedly left the United States for Cuba two weeks after Fidel Castro took power in 1959. He flew back to the States two years later without a visa...and was booked by a US immigration official, who stated: "[Y]ou do not appear to me to be clearly and beyond a doubt entitled to enter the United States." Garcia was ordered deported, but instead he hung out illegally in Miami, resurfacing in 1967 to petition for permanent residency. Even though Garcia had been in the US since 1962, "The form he filled out then states that he had been a Cuban refugee since February 1965," according to Roig-Franzia.
Then there is Senator Cruz who believes he is the de facto Speaker of the House who tells his House Tea Party puppets how to manipulate the writing of bills or they won't vote.  Remember that Cruz and his group in the House were responsible for the expensive shut-down of Government.  This time it was the Border bill Speaker Boehner pulled back to make it even more cruel against children who are fleeing their countries in Central America due to danger to their lives and the bill ended up wanting to send back children who have been here for years.

Another strange Senator is Ted Cruz whose father came from Cuba, he was born in Canada and has held a dual citizenship for years with his Mother being American.  The story of the Cruz family gets better:
The older Cruz explained that he had once fought with Fidel Castro’s forces in Cuba to overthrow Fulgencio Batista, a U.S.-backed dictator. He later fled to the United States after receiving a four-year student visa to study at the University of Texas. 
“Then the only other thing that I needed was an exit permit from the Batista government,” Rafael Cruz said. “A friend of the family, a lawyer friend of my father, basically bribed a Batista official to stamp my passport with an exit permit.”
In my mind, bribing an official to remain in the United States is illegal but not in the Cruz Family minds.  You shake your head and ask how educated people can be so dumb and then realize they surround themselves by people who can be manipulated.  That is two cases of Republican Senators both now against a path to citizenship who talk about people need to come here legally or be deported when both have family members who came here illegally.  Shame on both of them.

One thing many of us who were Republicans for years are learning in all of this is that the Republican Party of today is run by white males who HATE minorities, women, gays, veterans, senior citizens to name a few but love Israel and Bibi no matter the atrocities that are happening today.  

On the flip side of the coin we have Democrats standing up for children and people who are coming to the United States for a better life.  I have been asking for years what these hard right numbskulls would do if they had been born across the border.  Would they have stayed there with their families or snuck into this Country to give their kids a better life?  You can only imagine some of the names I have been called over the years by so called Family Values types.  Politicususa has the full story of what happened yesterday as the House voted on the Border bill which makes me want to work even harder to defeat Republicans in 2014.
Democratic Minority Whip Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) accused Republicans of taking two bad bills and making them worse. Hoyer suggested that what the House was doing was nothing. He said the bill will not pass and will not solve the problem. Hoyer said that the bill was brought to the floor in near secrecy. 
Before the vote, Rep. Luis GutiĆ©rrez (D-IL) said, “For weeks … they have said that they are disease-ridden, lice-filled, gang bangers, drug dealers mules of the drug cartels who have come here in hoards to invade our nation, and now they are demonstrating that that’s how they feel in their legislation.” 
Earlier today, President Obama made his disdain clear for the House Republican stunt, 
“This is a message bill that they couldn’t quite pull off yesterday, so they made it a little more extreme so maybe they can pass it today. Just so they can check a box before they leave town tomorrow.” 
House Republicans cheered after it was announced that the bill passed. They could have been cheering their legislative accomplishment, or most likely, the laziest Congress in history was cheering because they can now go on vacation for five weeks. 
While the Republicans were cheering millions of Hispanic Americans were getting the message that Republicans don’t like them. Republicans don’t want them in the country and that racism rules the day in the GOP.  
The border spending bill gave money to border enforcement based on the Republicans favorite race based scare tactic that the border is not secure. The rationale behind this bill was based on playing to racists in their party. 
House Republicans were cheering while all around them their party burned. 
Read More from Jason Easley at Politicususa
These Republican elected Representatives elected to represent all the people in their district not just the white males, had the audacity to cheer the passage of this bill just like they did when they voted to shut down the Government.  Word that come to mind first was "jackasses" so I looked it up on line to get synonyms from the Thesaurus:
a person who lacks good sense or judgment jackass
would dive into a lake without first checking to see how deep the water is;
Synonyms berk [British], booby, charlie (also charley) [British], cuckoo, ding-a-ling, dingbat, ding-dong, dipstick, doofus [slang], featherhead, git [British], goose, half-wit, jackass, lunatic, mooncalf, nincompoop, ninny, ninnyhammer, nit [chiefly British], nitwit, nut, nutcase, simp, simpleton, turkey, yo-yo 
Would say that sums it up nicely!

Then there is Cong Paul Ryan from WI who considers himself a good Catholic while supporting the atheist Ayn Rand's philosophy.  What does he have to say since the Catholic Bishops urged the defeat of the GOP Bill and wrote a letter given the reasons why yesterday?  So far crickets as he pushes ahead with a budget bill aimed at making the wealthy wealthier and the middle class and poor even poorer. Just another example of today's Republicans who could care less about anyone who doesn't believe like them or hands them buckets of donations preferably cash so they don't report as there is no record.  Rep Napolitano of CA tried to shame her Republican colleagues but I think today these Republicans are past shame as they move blindly forward guided by hate and loathing of Hispanics.
Rep. Grace F. Napolitano (CA-32) shamed Republicans for trying to eliminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program Friday evening issuing a statement, even as Republicans pontificated from the safety of the House floor, blaming President Obama for their failure to legislate. 
One day after failing to address the humanitarian crisis on our southwest border, our Republican colleagues voted today to remove critical protections for refugees of violence and eliminate the successful DACA program. Thousands of unaccompanied children who have fled violence and threats in their home countries are being met at our southwest border by armed militias.
In an act of absurd cruelty House Republicans, along with four Democrats, voted to deport 550,000 children who have nothing to do with the crisis on the border. 
The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops states: 
It is a sad day for our country. A chamber of Congress is poised to send vulnerable children back to danger and possible death. It violates our commitment to human rights and due process of the law and lessens us as a nation. I pray that this legislation never sees the light of day. 
We agree. We must address the root causes of migration, not punish these vulnerable and innocent children. Our federal agencies are running out of funding to deal with this unfortunate situation, so we need action now to provide the necessary resources, ensuring protections and due process of our law. 
Read More from Sarah Jones at Politicususa including a August 1, 2014 letter, where the Catholic Bishops urged the defeat of the GOP bill
Since the bill passed 216-192 with 1 voting present and 23 not voting decided to check the House website to find out who were the four Democrats who voted for the bill and the 11 Republicans who voted against HR5272.  This bill passed by the House is destined for the trash heap of history as no reasonable Senator 'should' ever vote for this cruel bill.  Thank God though we have President Obama as the second line of defense who will veto this horrible bill in a nano second if it ever reached his desk. Here is the break out:
Democrats voting for HR 5272:  Barrow (GA), McIntyre (NC), Peterson (MN), Rahall (WV) 
Republicans voting against 5272:  Amodei (NV), Coffman (CO), Dunham (CA) Diaz Balart (FL), Gardner (CO), Heck (NV), Kinzinger (IL), Reichert (WA), Ros-Lehtinen (FL), Upton (MI), and Valadao (CA)
There are Republicans who voted against this bill who I do not understand why they are still in the Republican Party as they have seen up close and personal how cruel Republicans can be today against minorities especially Hispanics.  They are sitting there watching Republican Governors in their states try to suppress minority voting.  In Gov Perry's Texas, voter suppression also includes women -- just ask Democrat Wendy Davis who is running for Governor .  If you notice that there are no Texas Congressmen who voted against this bill as they carry on their racist agenda of their Governor and Attorney General Abbott who is running for Governor as the racist Republican.  Anyone who says the Republican Party is not the party of racism today has a reading comprehension problem IMHO!  More on the passage of this bill from Jason Easley of the website Politicususa
House Republicans chose the perfect spokesperson for the effort to deport children when flaming racist Rep. Steve King (R-IA) defended the bill by claiming that Republicans were, “restoring their constitutional authority.” 
Republicans claimed that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was the reason why there is a humanitarian crisis on the border. The House Republican bill would make DREAMers eligible for deportation in two years. The House bill would prevent the president from expanding the program and would close it down. 
Over 550,000 children who have been in this country since 2007 have been allowed to remain and work in the US thanks to the program. In order to be eligible for DACA a child has to have lived continuously in this country since June 15, 2007 or earlier. The DACA program has nothing to do with the current crisis. 
The White House released an enraged statement tonight, 
“Republicans in Washington have repeatedly called the situation at our border a crisis; yet, tonight they are considering partisan legislation that will not address the problem and is sure to be rejected by the Senate. As the President said today, the Administration will continue to manage the border as responsibly as possible and address our broken immigration system, but no Administrative action is a substitute for Congressional action. That’s why the President will urge Congress to fix our broken immigration system once and for all upon returning from their recess by doing what the Senate did over a year ago and pass serious, comprehensive immigration reform legislation with bipartisan support.” 
The bill will never become law, but the Republican hatred of children and Hispanics has never been made clearer. 
Read More from Jason Easley at Politicususa
What an eye opener all of this has been with these children coming from violence in Central America to see groups of white Americans shouting at them some of the biggest trash I have heard.  It got me off the dime and my blog burn out is officially over.  Ready to roll up my sleeves and do my part to help oust Republicans from power at all levels.  Racism should NEVER be tolerated in this Country.
Americans have only one choice to return common sense to Congress and that is to vote out today's hard right, mean, cruel, bought and paid for Republicans!

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