Wednesday, July 30, 2014

House Republicans Vote to Sue My President -- I Pledge to Donate/Volunteer/Vote to Oust the GOP from Leadership at all Levels

Been a busy summer and decided to take some time off from all the negativity of Republican politics against the President, Democrats, and all the American people.  Still have been posting on Twitter.  

Today I am back as the Republicans in the House chose to set a new precedent and low mark in politics even for Republicans by suing MY President and theirs even though they refuse to admit that President Obama is the President of all Americans.  Is it because he is black or a Democrat or both?  The 'my way or no way' Koch Bros Republican Party is the absolute worst I have ever witnessed and the biggest do nothings who get paid with our tax dollars.  Republicans vote to sue the President and then only work 14 days between now and the election so the taxpayers are paying for their campaigning.

I gladly have donated several times today to the Democrat Congressional Committee to oust the lowlife Koch Bros Republicans from leadership of the House so the Country can be moved forward rather than be stuck on the wayback machine where women and minorities didn't have the right to vote.  Please join me in giving whatever you can afford.

Years ago I was told my longtime Congressman in Ohio while I was in my teens that as a candidate you can get a few wealthy people to donate to your campaign and buy all the ads you want but if you want to make sure you win then asks everyone to donate even if they can only afford pennies as they have the same vote as a wealthy donor and people who contribute what they can no matter how small are going to go vote and vastly outnumber the wealthy donors.  That was Cong McCullough from the 4th District of Ohio -- last of a breed of honest Congressmen who put their constituents first.

Now that district of farmers and small towns is represented by Speaker Boehner as a family member said wouldn't know a steer from a bull.  My hometown is 90 miles from where Speaker Boehner resides and is part of a district in the western part of SW Ohio Republicans made sure did not cross into any major cities.  Perfect example of gerrymandering and the person elected not understanding the district although I can point out a couple of local bars in my home town if he hasn't found them already.

Was going to write my Congressman Tom Cole and tell him what I thought about the vote to sue but I did that earlier on campaign financing and the reply back was garbage not answering my comments same with the Sen Inhofe's response.  Now I am sending the link to this blog.  The only response I received back on campaign financing that made sense came from Senator (Dr) Tom Coburn my other Senator who wants every donation online immediately no matter how much was donated and also called for term limits for Congress.  I appreciated Dr. Tom's comments.  He treats his constituents like we have brains even if we don't always agree with him.  The other two -- Cole and Inhofe are arrogant with most of the replies coming from their staff.

Here are my comments to Congressman Cole that I decided to make public on the blog instead of wasting my time filling out his form and getting back a reply from an aide that made no sense to what I submitted.  Instead I will send this link to my blog post to hid office:
Casting a vote to sue my President and yours too even if you won't admit he won twice, makes me roll up my sleeves and open my checkbook to Democrats from this day forward. 
You spineless Koch Bros Republican puppets of the wealthy and Tea Party have no backbone to stand up and tell the truth. 
Cannot wait to get a House that will move the Country forward not backward which means ousting Boehner from the Speaker and the GOP from the majority.  The racist attitude of the GOP is the worst I have ever seen and beyond disgusting. 
You all made your bed, now you can lie in it.  Women I know throughout this country, military, minorities, young people all want nothing to do with the Neanderthal thinking of today's GOP!   
Enjoy being the party of the biggest bunch of do nothings this Country has ever seen that have trouble with the truth but the internet catches all of you in your lies including on impeachment.  Suing the President for a bill signed by President Bush has reached a new low even for Republicans 
Shame on all of you worthless Republicans in Congress and frankly in Oklahoma where oil/gas run the state and regular people are told to get lost.  Going to catch up with the GOP even here before it is through.  There will be a day when the hard right tells the rest of you to shove it because you didn't go far enough right and a lot of us are going to be laughing. 
Really dumb move!
The first link has a list of Republican incumbents and candidates calling for impeachment that flies in the face of Boehner/Rove lies while the second link shows how fast a Republican can change their mind on impeachment.  Simply unbelievable Koch Bros GOP is this stupid even for a Party that has done stupid things in the past -- this one is one of the dumbest ever for a Republican Leadership Group who has a rating in single digits and have cost the American taxpayers millions with their votes to repeal ACA and obstruction on veterans jobs bills, job bills, infrastructure, and the list goes on.  
From Politicususa:  Crushing The GOP Lie: Here Is a List of Republican Incumbents Who Support Impeachment From Think Progress:   House Republican Insists He’s Not Considering Impeaching Obama, Then Admits He Is, All In Less Than 60 Seconds
Time to oust the Republicans from any leadership at the Federal level or at state level as some of us have some of the worst governors we have ever seen -- more on that in the days ahead.  

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