Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hard Right Republicans Get Angry, Boycott Coke Over Diversity Ad While Giving Common Sense Americans a Laugh!

Outstanding ad second only to one of my favorite Coke ad, "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" which I have started singing around my home again with my dog's tail wagging to the beat.  I am also partial to the Coke Polar Bears and actually have a cookie jar of one of the Coke Bears.

Anyone who knows me knows I am a Coke drinker.  Before it became cool to drink Coke with breakfast, I was drinking Coke with breakfast.  Have had problems with the orange juice served in restaurants breaking me out on my arms and don't particularly care for the taste.  Never drank coffee and just happen to like the taste of Coke.  Sit here at my computer and sip it during the day but have learned at night it is probably a good idea to drink water flavored with lemon.

One time in Boerne, TX, Pepsi was so sure their new concoction tasted like Coke, they did a taste test -- found out my son and I could tell the taste of Coke over Pepsi.  I am much more likely to go to a fast food or restaurant that serves Coke not Pepsi.  Still not a fan of Pepsi.

Watched the new commercial and thought how neat as almost all of us have ancestors from different parts of the world many who do not speak English when they arrived on our shores.  Boy was I wrong -- the hard right went over the edge of the cliff with their "English Only" nonsense.  Republicans today are getting to be an embarrassment with some of their agenda and this ranks right up there with some other strange attacks.

I am like stunned when I go on Twitter and discover the hard right Republicans want to boycott Coke for the ad because in their small minds patriotic songs should only be sung in English.  What?  English is not our official language and would bet some of the most rabid most likely have ancestors in their background who couldn't speak English when they came here.  I hope they are more articulate then some of the comments I saw -- would be embarrassed to post anything if I wrote that poorly.

My own family is diverse -- my Dad's family on his Dad's side came to the US from England to Virginia over 100 years before the Revolutionary War while on his Mom's side her parents came from southern France toward the end of the 1800's.  My Mom's side came from Ireland in the early 1800's while some others came from Germany in the mid 1800's.

My children's great grandparents on their Dad's side came the region around Naples, Italy, through Ellis Island, into New York City's Little Italy and eventually into Upstate New York for jobs.

My Grandmother on Dad's side used to get mad and speak in French -- didn't have a clue what she said but I knew not to say a word.  My Mother-in-Law on more than one occasion would let her rip in Italian -- once again didn't have a clue what she was saying but was louder then my Grandmother and actually more scarey when got mad.

They are all Americans just like many other families across this great Country.  I would rather live in a Country where people are trying to get into the Country not one where everyone wants out although I am willing to chip in to see some of the hard right go find an island somewhere that they can tell each other how to live and leave the rest of us alone.  Somewhere the hard right lost the part 'mind your own business' and want to tell the rest of us how to live as we are just to sit down and shut up.  Not working and they are going over the edge more by the day.

Got into a dust-up on YouTube with a member of the hard right who first blamed the commercial on President Obama and then said it was a 'comunis' comercal -- take it he meant communist but spelling and grammar were not his forte.  Seems to be a symptom of the hard right in many areas -- lack of spelling and bad grammar.  When I see it now, I just automatically assume if someone is posting with such bad spelling and grammar, they are conservatives.  Probably shouldn't judge but have seen it for years on sites as I shake my head at why would they post and not learn the rules of English.  Told the jerk that I had been waiting for over four years to tell the hard right to 'shove it' and this was perfect opportunity so 'shove it' and he came right back asking who I was telling to 'shove it' -- gave up -- you cannot deal with people like that.

These same people who have trouble with the English language when writing demand 'English' as the official language.  On Twitter they used the non-classy hashtag #fuckCoke and another one for #BoycottCoke.  See examples of these non classy conservatives at Deadspin who copied their Tweets.  Then there are the copied tweets at Crooks and Liars which all added together along with seeing them live show a hard right bent out of shape at Coke because of diversity.  Abject Stupidity IMHO!

Funniest tweet I have seen is David Plouffe asking if the RNC was going to ban Coke products from their Convention.

With bad weather coming into Norman this week, made sure that I was well stocked with Coke and when I bought the Coke the guy at the checkout thought it was hilarious at how much Coke they were selling.  First thing I thought after I saw the nutcase posts against Coke was go buy some more Coke!

Raise a toast with the Coke sitting here beside me to the great diversity that has always been a hallmark of this great Country!

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