Friday, May 31, 2013

Taking Some Time Off

Family visiting along with outside work before more storms hit the area - cannot wait until summer gets here officially and these storms stop.  Tired of taking about 40 pots of flowers from the deck into the sun porch with bad weather predicted with hail.  Guess I shouldn't complain as it is great exercise.  The drought is broken and the lakes are filled. So far so good with no real hail arriving to decimate my garden like several years ago.  Keeping my fingers crossed that this is the last night of nasty thunderstorms with potential rain and tornadoes in Oklahoma.  We have had so much rain that it is like I can sit here and watch my grass grow.  Mowing twice a week is a little much.  It does look pretty and green but for someone who loves sunny days and low humidity the last weeks have been anything but sunny and low humidity.

Hoping for the people of Moore who are still going through the rubble that this is the last of the nasty weather with winds.

Have a Good Weekend!

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