Friday, February 18, 2011

Norman, OK, Sanitation Rate Information

Unlike many Republicans that reside in Norman who don't believe in any increase ever for anything, I support the rate increase. The Mayor is correct that we have the best sanitation service. We have lived in other parts of the Country and nothing has ever compared to the great service we get in Norman. Too many Republicans who don't even live in Norman jump on the anti-rate increase for not only the city but for the school issues. If you don't live here, stay out of our elections but then they couldn't grandstand.

There are some people here who vote "no" on everything no matter what it is. Is that a thinking person who cannot decipher what is important and what is not? Not in my book!

Mayor Rosenthal I believe has done a very good job as Mayor and why I supported her for both of her elections.  She may be the best Mayor we have experienced.  It is a non-partisan position so I voted my conscience.  In her first race, the Republicans ran a developer who hardly voted -- will never vote for a developer for Mayor any place after having them on the County Commission in San Bernardino County, CA,  because they do not have the best interest of the citizens in mind.

In the last Mayor election a Republican challenged Rosenthal and ran on 'Don't hump my Norman' about all the speed bumps in neighborhoods. Then we find out he was the first Council Member to request the speed bumps in his neighborhood. Guess they figure voters are not going to catch on or do any research. When the truth came out the spin and the misinformation increased on his behalf. It was disgusting but then we have some in this County that love to keep things stirred up and why I have essentially dropped out of County Party politics.

Hope this is one time that the local members of the Republican Party get their head on straight and support this increase of around 8 cents a day to keep our great sanitation service. I wouldn't bet on it.

Dear Friend,

Across the state, Norman sets the standard for top notch services and a high quality of life, and for the two years in the row, our community was recognized for its leadership by Keep Oklahoma Beautiful. On March 1, Norman voters will decide whether to continue that record of quality public services or take a step back.

You are being asked to approve an increase in sanitation rates in the City of Norman to sustain the great garbage services in this community. Since the last rate increase in 2004, the cost of disposing a ton of garbage has gone from $73 to $112, a 53 percent increase. We have achieved significant efficiencies, using less fuel today than in 2008 and serving 14% more customers per employee than in 2004. The rate request is a modest one (about 8 cents more a day).

No one provides the quality of service that our sanitation workers do, and our services are very efficient and cost-effective. Independent experts have described our services as "well-run." Our service costs per customer per square mile are less than half or two-thirds of other cities. Even with the increase, Norman's rates also will remain at or below other cities around the state.

Nothing is more basic than dependable garbage service, and this is no time for Norman to take steps backwards. Our current rates will not support the current services, and we project a $2 million deficit within three years without a rate increase.

The choice is simple - for 8 cents more a day we can continue high quality sanitation services for our homes and businesses. Please vote "Yes" on March 1.


Mayor Cindy Rosenthal

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